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Digital X-Rays | Electronic Medical Records

On-Site Digital X-Ray Facility

During your appointment the doctor may take an X-Ray. Because we have the most state-of-the-art on-site Digital X-Ray capability we can perform the x-ray right in our office and review the results within minutes. Automatic developing gives us the ability to properly assess spinal and/or joint alignment as well as detect stress fractures and broken bones immediately so that a proper referral can be made if needed. Having the convenience of on-site Digital X-Ray prevents you from having to schedule a separate appointment at another facility. And sending digital copies to another physician for review or supplying you with your copies is as simple as a few clicks on the computer.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Our office utilizes the most advanced Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software in the chiropractic industry - ChiroTouch. Rest assured that your health records will meet the most up-to-date standards in healthcare and will be kept safe using the latest encryption. No more lost papers or misplaced files! Your health records will be secure and will be easily sent to any other healthcare provider at your request.


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