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VIPCard Corporate Wellness

VIPCard Corporate Wellness Program

The VIPCard Corporate Wellness Program is a unique partnership between your company and IDLife, a ground-breaking company revolutionizing the health and wellness space. IDLife corporate partnerships already include names like Toyota, Whole Foods, Gold's Gym, American Heart Association, American Diabetic Association, John C. Maxwell to name a few. This Corporate Wellness Program is a very inexpensive way (only $99 per company per year) to add more benefits to your already existing employee benefits package or create a new one. Corporate wellness programs are proven to help reduce the rising costs of insurance and employee health-related productivity losses. Learn more below and contact Dr. Matthew Kirkham, a founding partner with IDLife and CEO of Back to Health Chiropractic, at 219-326-5100 to get your business enrolled in the BTH VIPCard/IDLife Corporate Wellness Program. 

Watch this 12 minute video presentation to see how easy it is add additional employee benefits with virtually no cost to the company. 

Why a Corporate Wellness Program?

Three out of five employers offer a corporate wellness program. Why? Because when properly integrated, a corporate wellness program can improve employee health and productivity and lower health care costs. The IDLife Corporate Wellness Program is designed to offer a customized solution for your company to create a healthier work environment. As an added benefit, corporate wellness programs have been proven to help reduce the rising costs of insurance and employee health-related productivity losses. 

Click the above image to view the Corporate Wellness Program handout.


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